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Chanel bags: Chanel bags Outlet and Chanel online Shop, buy Chanel handbags

In 1913 the fashion company Chanel was founded in Paris by Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel – called Coco Chanel.

Chanel produces Chanel bags, women’s clothing and numerous other luxury items such as sunglasses, watches, jewellery (pearl necklaces), perfumes (Chanel N ° 5) and cosmetics.

Coco Chanel started with the production of elegant hats for wealthy ladies.

In 1913 she opened her first boutique for sporty, elegant and high-priced women’s fashion.

Chanel attracted attention in the fashion world with its unusual design and innovative materials.

1955 she presented a hand quilted bag with shoulder strap: the quilted Chanel bag 2.55, which was a great success and was getting a timeless "it bag".

Coco Chanel was the managing director of the fashion company until her death with 88 years in 1971.

In 1983 the Chloé designer Karl Lagerfeld (see Chloé bags and Fendi bags) startet to work for Chanel. As chief designer he continued the success of Chanel and boosted the brand to a new shine.

Already from the beginning the design for women’s fashion from Chanel was different: sporty-casual, but also elegant.

Chanel handbags are beautiful and a status symbol – Chanel stands for luxury and exclusivity.

Chanel is in terms of innovation and quality always one step ahead.

Coco Chanel started early to manufacture elegant and comfortable women’s fashion – which was an alternative to the usual fashion trends.

Bags from Chanel can be identified by the CC logo, which is a turned around "C" and interlaced with the other "C".

The interior of a Chanel bag is always lined with a high quality material which contains the Chanel logo.

As materials for the handbags is used finest leather, silk or fur. The prices for bags made of alligator leather can reach 13.000-23.000 EUR.

Chanel ensures that no detail is left to chance – every detail is perfect.

After the death of Coco Chanel the German designer Karl Lagerfeld has taken the command. He was able to inspire even the young people with Chanel bags.

Similar as Louis Vuitton bags also those French handbags will be never out of fashion.

Chanel stands for pure luxury and timeless chic, which endures the time and trends.

The Chanel 2.55 is a very classic bag, it is one of the most popular Chanel bags.

The quilted bag with the silver chain was released in February 1955, of which derives 2.55.

Invention of the first shoulder bag: revolutionary at the Chanel 2.55 was the shoulder strap – since this moment the ladies have their hands free.

For the anniversary Karl Lagerfeld decided to create a remake of the classic bag Chanel 2.55.

Here you can find the best Italy Hotel offers:

In Italy you can find many Chanel Shops:

Since 1918 the Chanel headquarters and the Chanel Flagship Store are located in Paris in the street Rue Cambon 31

Chanel bags are exclusively sold through its own Chanel boutiques and some Chanel Shops in selected department stores.

There are more than 200 Chanel Boutiques around the world.

Munich, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg

Zurich, St. Moritz, Geneva

In Italy you can find following Chanel Outlets:

Until now we do not know any Chanel Outlet.

But some handbag models – for example the Chanel Cambon – is produced in Italy.

In the Chanel online shop the prices for Chanel bags will start at about 700 EUR.

If you want to buy Chanel bags online, please pay attention to the authenticity! Especially in the eBay Store there are offered up to 99% Chanel bag fakes (see also our recommendations for Gucci bags fakes).

Original Chanel bags can be recognized by the Authentcard, a sign with a registration number which must be fixed inside of the bag.

To buy Chanel bags online at the best price, we recommend to compare the prices of several online stores.

All Chanel bags Chanel bags models and prices can be found on the official Chanel website:

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    Chanel bags: Chanel bags Outlet and Chanel online Shop, buy Chanel handbags
    Chanel bags: Chanel bags Outlet in Italy, buy Chanel bags online, Chanel bags Outlet and Chanel online Shop – buy Chanel handbags cheaper
    Дарим 500 руб на первую покупку!
    Дарим 500 руб на первую покупку! Закажи сейчас – получи тушь от “Сhanel” в подарок! Вам продают те, кто покупает у нас! женская парфюмерия

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